Mellow Yellow September

Yelllooow beautiful people.

How is September taking you so far? September has been a good month and a bad month for me.Allow me to talk about the good side only because I am a strong believer of The Law of attraction: you attract what you give.

“you attract what you give”

When you spend your energy and emotions over negativity and all the bad things then you are probably attracting the same negativity back in your life. Nature has away of “bouncing” back our energies.
It is for the same reason that I choose to focus on the goods of September.

This September, I have been able to accomplish the one goal that I had kept procrastinating since last year and it felt great.I have been carrying this goal foward every moment I sat down to set goals(Does that make me a carrier or a Career? Lol if you get it)Yes, I did the carrying forward a lot that I can only relate this with the feeling Sophia in her book #Girl Boss felt after buying her first car and no I didn’t buy a car. I bought a hard broom😂😂(yes, I am kidding). If you ever accomplish what you set out to do especially when it’s challenging then you get this kind of feeling of relief,accomplishment and you just feel great. Yess, that’s the feeling I got when I bought my hard broom.😂😂.I for that moment felt greater than the person I am. I felt like celebrating the whole week. I had finally managed the one goal that I had dreamed of for long yet I kept procrastinating.

And still taking stocks; September has been great because other than achieving my target, I have been able to work out at home for quite sometime now. Keeping fit should be everyone’s goal.

I am also greatful for all the lessons learnt in September. This month had it’s own ways of reminding me that to achieve great things in life, you have to make great sacrifices and two, consistency is everything if you want to get results.Keeping fit,blogging,working and studying all need consistency.

Other than that, I have been on some yellow vibes and couldn’t wait to share it with you. This one is bold and chic at the same time.Would you try it?



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