Hello fam!

I am on that self reflection time and I just realized that I have not accomplished so much of my new year’s resolutions . Wait, is it still new year resolutions now that we are approaching the end of the year?.

That a side,I had set to have my blog revamped and have my own domain but that is now “over de bar “. The group which was to do the work ended up not doing it. Do I regret? No! In fact I learnt valuable lessons from it plus I got some time off social media. You see, there are some challenges creatives/bloggers don’t ever tell you. One of the challenges is struggling to balance work and blogging especially for upcoming bloggers. You have to fight consistency all the time . Some time you get thrown off the balance but you still pick yourself and start from where you stopped.That is what I am currently doing. I had been thrown off the balance but here I am.

“Don’t make promises you can’t fulfil” So they say.

Make promises you can fulfil and I just cleared my debt as I told you on my previous post. Now let’s get to this out fit.

You all know how the weather has become so much unpredictable here. One minute you are layering and the next minute you don’t know. I have been a fan of these long (pastel)coats for a very long time. I had fancied owning one and when I finally got this,it became my everyday wear.What a time to have found you my love! This weather has nothing on me 😂😂 when I have you. This coat is so comfortable and very light making it easy to wear . It is so chic and therefore a must have . It is easy to style and PIt’s pastel colour is everything to me, I could not have found a better one than this .

Sunglasses_David Dior.

Coat,white tee,denim -thrifted



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