Well gentlemen,let’s talk suits. Are you a big fan of suits? Which type of suit suits you best? Would you prefer a three piece suit, or the normal two piece suit or even more the African suit?

When you go through these questions you will re-affirm your stand when it comes to suits.Some men are a little sceptical when it comes to this fashion item and they don’t own even a single pair while others have closet full of suits. There’s no man that confuses a lady than a man turning up dressed in a stylish suit. Personally I have a crush on Jidenna not only because of his good genes, but his suits. Whenever I see Jidenna dressed up in whatever suit, I die. I think Jidenna can pull off any of this ensemble without disappointing.

Fast forward to the main menu. I met this guy online,his name is Gitahi Quincy. I couldn’t help but notice how sharp he looked in all his suits and so we decided to do something toget. He is quite creative with his pieces and therefore acheiving a simple and contemporary look.When I looked at all his work I realised that he must have been that model and stylist you should be looking for.

Gitathi layers his suit with a pair of comfortable sweater and switches it up to some cool three piece suit. So vintage is not only left for the old men but even the millenials can rock them and still look cool.

Another thing that is quite unique with this gentleman is how he plays with colours and prints. Who says men can’t wear bright colours? The gentleman is looking bomb on this blue outfit.

Look at this prints, oh my!😍

Doesn’t he look cool in this African suit?

So why don’t you own a pair? Or do you face problems on styling your suit? Le me know on the comment section below.

In other news :

This post had been shelved for long because of the reasons I will tell you in my next post. I hope you enjoyed this and don’t forget to share,like and comment.

You can reach the dapper man on Facebook as Quincy Gitahi Njuguna and Instagram as Quincy Gitahi

You can also find me on Facebook as Fortune Bakhita and Instagram as fortune_Bakhita let’s get the conversation rolling



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