The Lady in Red

I have never seen you look this magical _The lady in Red.

They say red is a colour of attraction but I say it is more than that. Although it is for this reason that I fell in love with my red polka dotted dress.

I was delving through a heap of clothes in the market and was almost giving up when I saw this eyesome dress It was love at first sight. I already knew that we were going to bring the best out of each other. Although someone else was holding as if to try it,I knew it would be mine. As luck would have it, the dress could not fit her properly because of her body type. I thanked God and waited for her to put it down so I could actually have it. I did not worry about its size , not when I was sure of it. I soon got to try it and it is one amazing clothes in my closet.

Ever since I just play with it for a chic and fun look.

Why should you go for this look?

You can never go wrong in red.

One of the many reason this is a must have is because, you can never go wrong in red. No you can’t and I can attest to this. If you ever find yourself troubled what to wear, then red it is. Other reasons include,

  1. Polka dots is going nowhere. It is here to stay and the more reason to have it. You won’t get bored of it or worry about it being out fashion.
  2. Summer is here and you need to show off your shoulders to the world darling. Time to relax and enjoy the warmth.
  3. It’s hem is neither too high nor too low.If you are the “conformist” type then this is just for you.
  4. It is very versatile to style.
  5. When accessorised well,it is opulent and leaves people jaw-dropping

Lastly, this dress is my special snow flake and therefore I handle it appropriately. (We all have that one dress in our closet that we treat with care,right?) I hope you enjoyed this post and you would not mind sharing. Thanks.


Items :


Shoes thrifted.

Fur purse-gift.



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