Today on the blog I am throwing back to many months or is it a year ? When I was just starting out. Tasting the waters but afraid to swim. I was scared of the deep waters and what people might think of my blog and about me.The world is full of judgemental and perfoctionist.

To my surprise, alot of friends from the blogging community helped me here and there and comments from people got me going.My own friends were and still are very supportive.

Later, it then dawned on me that this had become a part of me that I couldn’t just ignore it. It was my world where I could escape to.

Unfortunately it never took long before some technical errors occurred. I could not rectify them. I was feeling like I had lost a loved one. I was bawling

“A strong woman got to get her feet.” So I came back as soon as I could and swore to;

  • Never to repeat the same mistake
  • to improve the content for the reader
  • Everyday is a lesson,take notes.
  • Be original
  • Never stop until

I hope by sharing this, you are inspired to keep doing you or you learned one thing or the other.Don’t forget to subscribe, SHARE ,LIKE or COMMENT.

Here are the pictures from the the past.

I hope you have enjoyed my outfit of the day.#ootd. I layered my shirt dress with a denim jacket and sneakers for a simple casual look. How do you style your shirt dress?



  1. And still she rise!…. this is one of life most important lessons, to get up and try again and you did just that.
    I love your outfit, i’d give up a day’s meal for that denim top too or maybe not, Lol i like food too much. Nice post dear!

    P.s: i just realised i don’t own a shirt dress, bummer! . It’s time i changed that.


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