Metallic and pleated.

“September is that you?”

The new month is here and we can’t wait to see what it has in store for us. August wasn’t that easy but we made it and now it’s time for chicandfabulous to serve you what she has been cooking. Pleated metallic skirt is the main meal served with a bell sleeved top. To infuse the flavour is the cute neckline and alot more as you will see. If i tell you everything here ,would there be reasons for scrolling down?

So to begin with,I can only imagine what goes on your mind when you hear pleated skirt . You are probably thinking of something less swanky or a school girl_ish look,right? Keep you hair on, pleated skirts have been revamped to suit the 21st century woman.

Metallic pleats made it’s way back in 2015 with Gucci being the first to showcase it and later on the runways we couldn’t help but admire Christian Dior designs of the same.Celebrities have not been left behind too,Beyonce,Sara Elle and Cardi B have been spotted adorning the metallic pleated skirts and we couldn’t stop talking.

So why is it a must have?

  • If you are looking for something that can flatter your shape,then this is it for you. Wether you are plus size or not,this skirt flatters all the shapes because it has cinched waist.
  • They also come in variety of colours to choose from including the pastels so you dont have to worry.
  • They are verstile to style. You can pair it with sneakers and a sweater top or just a simple pollo neck for your street look. You can also pair it up with elegant heels, a boyfriend jacket for a formal look.A cakewalk,isn’t it?

My take.

Chic up your closet with this in vogue metallic pleats.what are you still waiting for?




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